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Registered: ‎06-13-2013

Import xps project of zynq zc702 into a simulink model using system generator

Dear sir,


I am trying to import xps project by using edk processor block for a simulink model using Xilinx System Generator tool. the xps project is to target zynq zc702 evaluation kit, which consists of processing system 7 with an IP or without any IP, got first an error that the number of clocks =3 , and it supports only one, so i removed in system.mhs file from the processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk and processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk_n  "SIGIS = CLK" as it was mentioned to solve that error, and then it worked, but another error resulted which i dont know how to solve.


part of  system.mhs file:

PORT processing_system7_0_PS_CLK = processing_system7_0_PS_CLK, DIR = I, SIGIS = CLK
PORT processing_system7_0_PS_PORB = processing_system7_0_PS_PORB, DIR = I
PORT processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk = processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk, DIR = IO  #,SIGIS = CLK
PORT processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk_n = processing_system7_0_DDR_Clk_n, DIR = IO #,SIGIS = CLK


here the error i cant solve:


ERROR:EDK - xget_value processor parameter INSTANCE : a null handle was provided
ERROR:SYSGEN: encounter error when importing XPS project (return status: 
expected integer but got "processor").



could you please help me with that error.


I am looking forward to hearing from you,




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