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Visitor lucawerfel
Registered: ‎12-19-2018

Video Test Pattern Generator issue

I am using Vivado 2018.2 to build a project where the Video Test Pattern Generator (VTPG) creates some frames to be stored in the DDR3 Memory of Zybo board, by means of an AXI Video DMA block connected to the Zybo's Processing System. After a frame being stored on the memory, I write the content of the respective memory block to an SD card. However, I'm experiencing some problems to get the project working properly. Despite configuring the VTPG to generate a frame with a solid blue color in the background, the FFMPEG program shows the following strange green frame when reading the data stored in the SD card. Am I missing something?

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Registered: ‎11-09-2015

Re: Video Test Pattern Generator issue

Hi @lucawerfel,

I guess you are missing how the data will be mapped in memory. You might think the data are stored in RGB meaning the Red is on the MSB and the Blue on the LSB, however this is how the TPG send the data:



Note that the Green component is on the LSB not the Blue. This is a configuration we have on the AXI4-Interface (it comes from the a choice we made because that sensors usually send more green information).

So you are reading a correct data, but just not visualizing correctly.

I tried to explained the color mapping on my Video Beginner Series 2. This might be a good reading for you ;)

Hope that helps,



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