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Observer matt_marti09
Registered: ‎08-27-2012

DDR Data Aquisition

Previously, I read the entire DDR3 RAM at once and had no problems.  Now, I am reading from DDR by 2 256-bit packages at a time.  My problem is that I get two packages of data because it is dual data rate.  This is fine, but my problem is that I cannot figure out which package is first in time.  The data alternates between the two packages over and over and I grab them at random points in time.  Sure I can take one then the other a cycle later, but then who is to say which was first and which was second?...I was thinking about a package labeling system which toggles between packages could be a 1 or a 0...I have the space in the package to do this... but there must be another way.  Any suggestions?



Matt Martinez 

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