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Registered: ‎03-04-2012

How to evaluate XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C power consumption


Condition: PCIe 2.0 X 8, RapidIO X4,DDR3 SODIMM X2, 14Bit ADC X4

The used IO pin quantity and operating frequency are known, what is relationship between the power consumption and IO quantity and frequency?

Or What the method to evaluate the VINT, VCCO(2.5V)? How to calculate the VINT, VCCO current?


We hope to select the right DC2DC for XC6VLX240T-2FFG1156C as follow Ti DC2DC, becuase their cost is different.

These DC2DC module is not Pin2pin compatible.

PTH08T220WAD 16A
PTH08T240WAD 10A

PTH08T230WAD  6A 

PTH08000WAH    2.25A 

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