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Registered: ‎11-02-2009

How to use a RAMB18 - Functionality description


Does anyone have any functionality description regarding the RAMB18?


I would like to have to timing and signals diagram.


I tried to simulate on the modelsim but I have a error on the code source of the RAMB18 that I could not fix it.


Thanks in advance



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Registered: ‎07-21-2009

Re: How to use a RAMB18 - Functionality description

You didn't specify which FPGA family you are using (in case you didn't know, there are differences between the various families).  In the case of Virtex-6, check out the Virtex-6 FPGA Memory Resources User Guide (UG363).  As for timing specifications, these will be found in the family datasheet (for example, DS152 for Virtex-6).


I'm curious...  how much effort did you expend searching for an answer to your questions?  Where did you look?  If this information is well-hidden to a casual website search, do you agree that this should be brought to the attention of the Xilinx website folks?


-- Bob Elkind

README for newbies is here:

1. Read the manual or user guide. Have you read the manual? Can you find the manual?
2. Search the forums (and search the web) for similar topics.
3. Do not post the same question on multiple forums.
4. Do not post a new topic or question on someone else's thread, start a new thread!
5. Students: Copying code is not the same as learning to design.
6 "It does not work" is not a question which can be answered. Provide useful details (with webpage, datasheet links, please).
7. You are not charged extra fees for comments in your code.
8. I am not paid for forum posts. If I write a good post, then I have been good for nothing.
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