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Registered: ‎04-26-2012

Problem using Platform Cable USB with ML501 EVM

Hello everybody.


I'm not yet familiar with programming of the FPGA but now I need to implement my design in my Virtex-5 ML501 EVM. I don't have a Platform Cable USB II so I get a Platform Cable USB and test to set a JTAG chain to download a .bit file.

After connecting and opening the ChipScope Pro I get the next error:


COMMAND: open_cable
INFO: Started ChipScope host (localhost:50001)
INFO: Successfully opened connection to server: localhost:50001 (localhost/
INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Platform USB Cable on port USB2
ERROR: ERROR:Cse - A reference voltage has not been detected on the ribbon cable interface to the target system ( pin 2 ).  Check that power is applied to the target system and that the ribbon cable is properly seated at both ends.  The status LED on Platform Cable USB will be GREEN if target voltage is in the proper range and applied to the correct pin.
INFO: Trying to open Digilent USB JTAG Cable on port (no port specified)
INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Parallel Cable on port LPT1
INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Parallel Cable on port LPT2
INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Parallel Cable on port LPT3
INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Parallel Cable on port LPT4
ERROR: Failed to detect cable.
Try to open a specific cable from the 'JTAG Chain' menu.

I checked the connection between the JTAG cable and the board and also the reference voltage of 3.3V. Besides, the indicator LED is always orange. I repeated the test using iMPACT software but I get the same error.

On the board, I checked the J14 jumper was set, the J21 was disabled (the expansion JTAG chain is not set) and the DIP switch SW15 4 to 6 is "101" (JTAG Mode) and 8 is "0" (System ACE Configuration disabled). As far as I know those are the only physical configurations I must modify.


Does anyone know the reason of this error? Do I have to set some additional board configuration or parameter in the programming software?


Thanks for any help.

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Registered: ‎07-21-2009


  • Board is not turned on
  • USB Platform Cable ribbon cable is not correctly connected to J1 (e.g. backwards)
  • Platform Cable has gone bad (test this on a known good board)
  • Board has gone bad (test board on a known good iMPACT + cable system)
  • something else

Do you have any other Xilinx hardware or other programming system available to you, so you can narrow down the possibilities for the problem?


-- Bob Elkind

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