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Newbie mohitrajpal
Registered: ‎12-11-2009

TEMAC not working no matter what I try



I'm new here so this post may show my ignorance on the subject.  Please bear with me because I've been trying to get this thing to work for weeks.


What I want to do: get ethernet communication working between a computer and an Virtex 5 FPGA.  I also want to program in VHDL (ie. no burning a processor onto the FPGA and using software).  I am using the ml505 board to do this.


To get this accomplished I am using the Tri-mode ethernet MAC provided by xilinx. 

So far I am following the directions stated exactly in this document:



In summary what I'm doing:
1: Generating the Tri Mode Ethernet MAC Core Wrapper using the core generator tool

2: running implement.sh to implement the example design

3: programming said example design onto the FPGA

4:setting up an ethernet connection between my computer and FPGA and trying to ping the FPGA (while using wireshark to catch any packets)


When I do all this and try to sniff packets in wireshark, I see nothing.  No packets show up either outbound or inbound.  I'd like to know how to get the  MAC working.


My current OS is Fedora 9 if that makes any difference.

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Advisor evgenis1
Registered: ‎12-03-2007

Re: TEMAC not working no matter what I try



Since you don't see outbound packets it might be that there is no Ethernet connection between the host and your device. 

The easiest thing you can try is to disconnect the Ethernet cable, start Wireshark capture, then connect the cable (FPGA is already programmed). You should see some traffic from the host if there is a good connection (there was a successful speed negotiation, etc.).


Hope that helps,


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Registered: ‎06-24-2010

Re: TEMAC not working no matter what I try


I had a similar problem in the past so maybe i can help you

Its always good to reset the phy before start sending or receiving packets, so make sure you have an output port to phy_reset

if im not mistaken, the phy reset is asseted on low, so make sure you cover that too


Hope it helps



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