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Registered: ‎06-17-2013

outputting signal bits to virtex 5 pins



I am using virtex-5 FX30T fpga, i wrote, and simulated a code that generates triangular and sawtooth signals (8 output bits), and i need to output these bits to appropriate pins to connect them to a DAC (digital to analog converter). I looked at all relevant datasheets. This ( is the datasheet for the fpga, the xilinx user guide for fpga's ( makes it seem that i should use OBUF outputs (chapter 6), and the virtex 5 gpfa packaging and pinout ( doesn't seem to offer any clear indications as to what pins are OBUF(my device is the one corresponding to the table starting at page 40 (FF665)).


How can i know to what pins should i map my outputs in the ucf constraints file in order to able to output the bits of my signal and then use them to drive a digital-to-analog cicuit (such as a R-2R ladder)?


Thank You

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