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Registered: ‎11-30-2009

partial reconfiguration bitstream can't be loaded

I’m doing dynamic partial reconfiguration with EAPR method. When I copy system.ace and two partial bitstream files into the CF card, the design only works the initial configuration. The software runs well but I can’t exchange the partial configurations p1.bit and p2.bit. I use XHWICAP_CF2ICAP(&myicap, p1.bit) function to read the partial bitstream.

  I searched on the net ,some people said maybe the partial region has problem, or the icap has problem to read partial bitstream. If there is something wrong with the bit file ,how to check it ?


Another user have already solved it (paolo.furia) he say:

----In Xilinx Platform Studio, I go to my software application project and then on "Set Compiler Options...". On the "Environment" tab I select "Use Default Linker Script" and put 0x50 in "Program Start Address" and 4096 in "Stack Size". Using these options the system can read from Compact Flash every type of file. I copied them from a reference project found on Xilinx website (ml402_emb_ref_81).-----

But it do not function me, anyone could help please?


The Xilinx tools I used are EDK 9.1.02i and ISE 9.1.02i _PR10 .

Thank you !

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