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Observer bowbth
Registered: ‎09-21-2017

Can't communicate to Virtex5 TXT via UART




I'm testing my Virtex-5 TXT (NetFPGA10G) for verify that everything on the board is working properly

by following Production test on Github.


Here is a result from testing...


NetFPGA-10G Production Test
Version: 1.0
Time: 2018-06-21 03:10:00.335562

Running UART test...
UART test finished!
---------- UART Test Report ----------
UART Test Result: FAIL

Running PCIe DMA test... (will take 10 seconds)...
PCIe DMA test finished!
---------- PCIe DMA Test Report ----------
DMA Test Result:              PASS
DMA Transfers:                361940 totaling 741.25 MB

Checking FPGA system status registers...
---------- FPGA System Report ----------
Address  Name                     Value      
0x00000: HW Version               0x00000104	PASS: Detected Supported Board Revision
0x00004: CLOCK ok                 0x00000007	PASS
0x00008: QDRII ok                 0x00000015	PASS
0x0000c: PWR ok                   0x00000001	PASS
0x00010: CPLD/Flash ok            0x00000007	PASS
0x00018: 10G if 0 link            0x00000001	PASS
0x00024: 10G if 0 er count        0x00000000	PASS
0x00028: 10G if 1 link            0x00000000	FAIL
0x00034: 10G if 1 er count        0x00000000	PASS
0x00038: 10G if 2 link            0x00000001	PASS
0x00044: 10G if 2 er count        0x00000000	PASS
0x00048: 10G if 3 link            0x00000001	PASS
0x00054: 10G if 3 er count        0x00000000	PASS
0x0005c: Samtec 0 link            0x00000001	PASS
0x00064: Samtec 1 link            0x00000001	PASS

  I encountered a problem with UART communication. It seems like the system can't communicate to a board.

  I've checked my RS232 cable and its working fine. 


  Also the result from RLDRAM test via serial monitor is unexpected data. 



The correct one is

Then I connected RS232 cable with my laptop and use serial monitor in Arduino IDE to see what data was sent by FPGA board.



Using serial terminal emulation in the hostPC (which FPGA located) to communicate which is Minicom, Picocom and Putty gave the same result.


Anyway to solve the problem ? 

Thanks in advanced.







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