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Registered: ‎06-29-2010

GTX Setting in XAPP875(DRU)


   anyone familiar with the xapp875?

   i using this design in Virtex6, to dealing with OC3(155M) using GTX.

   the NGC provided in xapp875 works well, but the GTX has some problems:


1、the gtx setting is:"

reference clock: 155.52Mhz, PLL clock 1.5552Ghz;

data width/clk div/line rate: 20/1/3.1104G

TX buffer/Rx buffer Selected..

others : no selected.


2、setting the gtx as farend loop back at PMA, it works well, all packet loopback corectly


3、but...when setting to PCS loop back, some packet is dropped as FCS error....


I think there is nothing setting at PCS layer, no coding/decoding no comma detect....

why this happened?


is there anything I can do?or is this DRU design can't use at OC3?


thanks verymuch

GTX Setting in XAPP875(DRU)