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Maximum data rate supported by the I/Os of VIRTEX-6

What is the maximum data rate  supported by the I/Os of VIRTEX-6 FPGA? I want to receive data of 625MSPS at I/O of Virtex-6. Is this achievable ?

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Scholar drjohnsmith

Re: Maximum data rate supported by the I/Os of VIRTEX-6

That is two questions.



For the first, refer to the data sheet for the part, that tells you the IO speeds for all the different IO standards and different silicon speeds supported.





Second question , is 625 M samples / sec  achievable,

     answer yes, 


If you could give us more info on what you want to interface, 


example of the minimum I'd like to know to even begin,


  parallel , how many bits wide, or serial ,

      data format , logic type,


is there an external clock provided with the data , is the clock continous or burst with the data,

    is there a data valid, or is it constant data .


if there is a valid, whats the valid to invalid ratio, 


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Re: Maximum data rate supported by the I/Os of VIRTEX-6

Hi @rashid.baloch


Have you referred to the performance characteristics in the datasheet?


Maximum Supported data rate is depend on the speed grade of the device.


Please refer to the page 24 of the Virtex datasheet.




Reply if you have any queries , give Kudos and Accept as Solution


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee

回复: Maximum data rate supported by the I/Os of VIRTEX-6

Hi rashid.baloch,


If you want to confirm what's the Maximum data rate  supported by the I/O, there are two things you need to consider.

The first one is what's the max rate the device can support. This question have been answered by drjohnsmith and pthakare. You can find this spec in the DS152.

The second one is the performance of your board. Even the device can support higher rate, but the design cannot complete it if your board are not so good. Current, I have check a board with K7 device which only can support ip tp 600Mpbs while the device can support up to 1250Mbps.

So the best solution is you need to check it on your board. 

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