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Registered: ‎07-16-2018

Build Yocto OS with XRT for ZCU102

I'm using yocto with meta-xilinx to build an OS for the ZCU102 with a custom XSA file passed in. I'd like to use meta-pynq which requires the XRT. I've included the xrt and zocl recipes  but on the board pynq is still complaining about XRT not being set up. I poked around a bit and came up with this set of commands for validating the XRT environment, but the output for some of them seems to indicate things aren't quite working. I've pasted the output to them below. What does "Card index 0 is out of range" indicate? I'm afraid I'm not even sure what is meant by card in this context. Sorry for the basic questions, and thanks! 

root@zcu102-zynqmp:~# lspci -v -d 10ee:
lspci: invalid option -- 'd'
BusyBox v1.31.0 (2021-03-23 19:45:07 UTC) multi-call binary.
Usage: lspci [-mk]
List all PCI devices
-m Parsable output
-k Show driver
root@zcu102-zynqmp:~# lspci -mk
00:00.0 "Class 0604" "10ee" "d021" "0000" "0000" "ps_pcie_dma"


root@zcu102-zynqmp:~# xbutil scan
INFO: Found total 1 card(s), 1 are usable
System Configuration
OS name:        Linux
Release:        5.4.0-xilinx-v2020.2
Version:        #1 SMP Wed Mar 24 12:31:28 UTC 2021
Machine:        aarch64
Glibc:          2.30
Distribution:   N/A
Now:            Fri Apr 16 15:46:08 2021 GMT
XRT Information
Version:        2.8.0
Git Hash:       f19a872233fbfe2eb933f25fa3d9a780ced774e5
Git Branch:     2020.2
Build Date:     2021-04-15 18:35:12
ZOCL:           2.8.0,f19a872233fbfe2eb933f25fa3d9a780ced774e5
Failed to open device[0]
ERROR: Card index 0 is out of range


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