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Registered: ‎07-18-2019

FatFs PolledExample not running on Arty Z7-20

Vivado/Vitis : 2019.2

I have an Arty Z7-20 dev board and I am using the Out of Box project supplied by digilent here :

I generate the bitstream in vivado without issue. I created a BSP in vitis and an application project where I use the SDPS library to interract with a SD Card and it worked perfectly.

I imported the FatFs library in the BSP and imported the supplied example project.

Everything compiles without error, but when I try to launch the FatFs example project, I get this error :



I tried creating a new bsp and project from scratch, made sure it runned with a simple helloworld and copy/pasted the code from the example project and got the same error.

What is the meaning of this error and how can I debug it?

Thank you!



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Registered: ‎07-18-2019

After commenting the whole code and uncommenting line by line, everything from the example is uncommented except the FfsSdPolledExample function.

I started uncommenting the function line by line and I start to get the error at this last line here :

int FfsSdPolledExample(void)
	UINT NumBytesRead;
	UINT NumBytesWritten;
	u32 BuffCnt;
	BYTE work[FF_MAX_SS];
	u32 FileSize = (8*1024);

//	/*
//	 * To test logical drive 0, Path should be "0:/"
//	 * For logical drive 1, Path should be "1:/"
//	 */
	TCHAR *Path = "0:/";

	for(BuffCnt = 0; BuffCnt < FileSize; BuffCnt++){
		SourceAddress[BuffCnt] = TEST + BuffCnt;

//	/*
//	 * Register volume work area, initialize device
//	 */
	Res = f_mount(&fatfs, Path, 0);

the interresting part is that I can't even get to debug to see if any operation fails, the error seems to happen durign the programming of the device.

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