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The Vitis Unified Software Platform - Useful Resources


Vitis Acceleration


 The Vitis Acceleration, SDAccel and SDSoC is board to discuss questions and issues around the Acceleration on Xilinx families using Vitis Acceleration, SDAccel and SDSoC tools.


  1. Questions best suited to Vitis Acceleration board
  2. Getting Stated with Vitis Acceleration
  3. Advanced users guide to develop accelerated applications
  4. Documentation
  5. Vitis Release Notes
  6. Versal

1. Questions best suited to Vitis Acceleration board

The Vitis Unified Software Platform is an exciting new offering that enables a broad new range of developers – including software engineers and AI scientists – to take advantage of the power of hardware adaptability.
The pronunciation of Vitis is viˈtas. It sounds similar to Vital (viˈtal)
The Vitis Unified Software Platform has multiple areas that are covered in different boards within the our Community. Posting your question on the correct board will help the Community be able to get involved with your question.

The Vitis Acceleration, SDAccel and SDSoC board is the best board for questions on Acceleration.
For questions on Vitis Embedded Software Development flow, SDK, Compiler, and Debugger Tools the Embedded Development Tools board is the best choice.
For questions on Accelerating AI on DC, Cloud, Edge, and Embedded platforms with Vitis AI tools, Xilinx Deephi DNNDK and ML Suite AI and Vitis AI board is the best choice.
When using an Alveo card questions on card bring-up, XRT, firmware/drivers, shells, card management, card utilities the Alveo board is the best choice.

2. Getting Started with Vitis Acceleration


  • Installation Requirements The installation requirements differ based on the flow. Some requirements listed at the above link are only required for software acceleration features, but not for embedded software development features. Users are requested to go through this section thoroughly before moving to tool download.


Note: Alveo Target Platforms for 2019.2 are compatible with Vitis tools 2020.1


Github repository

Comprehensive documentation

Migrating Embedded Processor Applications from SDSoC to Vitis

Migrating to a New Target Platform 

  • Vitis Acceleration Platform Creation Guide
    • Use the link here to follow this highly insightful guide to create a custom Vitis Acceleration Platform.

3. Advanced users guide to develop accelerated applications


  • Custom Platform development for Embedded Platform

For instructions on how to create custom embedded target platforms for Vitis, see Vitis Embedded Software Development User Guide – UG1416

4. Documentation

  • User Guides

UG1393 - Vitis Unified Platform Application Acceleration (HTML)

UG1400 - Vitis Unified Platform Embedded Software Development (HTML)

  • Github

XRT Documentation

Vitis Libraries

  • Xilinx GitHub Repositories

Vitis Accelerated Libraries GitHub

Vitis Acceleration Examples Repository

Vitis Tutorials

Vitis Embedded Platform Source

Xilinx Runtime (XRT)

  • Design Hub

Vitis Acceleration Design Hub 

  • Xilinx Developer Site Articles

5. Vitis Known Issues


Vitis known issues are posted in the Xilinx website as Answer Records.

AR#72773 2019.X Known issues
AR#73646 2020.1 Known issues


6. Versal

Versal Custom Platform Creation 

AI Engine Documentation 

Versal Common Image 

vck190 base platform 


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
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These are really uesful resource for developer, good job
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How Do I find the Versal Vitis Embedded Platform Source  to use on the VMK180?

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