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Registered: ‎03-31-2020

Vitis IDE question on the "Unresolved inclusion" when developing Linux applications

Hi there,

       I recently started to use Vitis for embedded system developmen and followed the UG1165.

.                Hardware: ZC702 evaluation board

                 Software: Visit 2019.2.1 64-bit WINDOWS version.

      I encountered that all the standard C header files were shown "unresolved inclusion" when developing applicaion projects on LINUX DOMAINs, as shown here:


However, the building and running of the project on the ZC702 board showed NO ERRORs. So I looked back to the C/C++ project settings which only contained "sysrootPath" as well as "/usr/include", unlike the standalone projects which had their BSPs as the build-in including path.


So I guess that the reason for the unresolved inclusions could be: Since I'm using the Windows-based Vitis software, I cannot obtain the so-called "/usr/include" path within my project. I have not checked whether such problem could be solved in the Linux-based Vitis software. So If I'm still using the Windows-based Vitis software, should I added the library paths for linux (e.g.  Xilinx\Vitis\2019.2\gnu\aarch32\nt\gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi\arm-linux-gnueabihf\include)  to overcome the problem? Thank you!


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