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Registered: ‎08-26-2018

Weird results in AXI Interface monitor counters - Vitis - u280

Hi all,

My kernel is performing 256 reads and 256 write operations in all 16 ports of AXI LEN 0 (i.e Only one transfer of size 512 bits). I am issuing the done signal when I receive 256 write last and 256 read last on all ports. Sometimes when I run the kernel it hangs. So I check the AIM modules that I have connected to all the AXI ports. I see this Screenshot from 2020-01-15 22-53-33.png

I expect to see 16384 read bytes on all ports. But in axi port 5, I find 16448, 64 more than expected. But the read count is still 256. This can only be explained if one of the read is has ARLEN set to 1, thereby performing a read of length 2. But, ARLEN is set to 0 on reset is not changed ever after. What else could explain this behaviour? Pleae help.

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