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Visitor newxilinxer
Registered: ‎09-29-2019

SDSoC hardware function very slow in Emulation


I am new to SDSoC and I have started with running its examples.

I create a new SDx Application Project and follow the steps without any changes in the options, and I choose the 02_mmult_hw example and the zcu102 board.

After the creation, I change the target to Emulation, and I ensure that the mmult_hw function is selected for acceleration.

When I run the application, the results appear. The running time for the hardware is extremely larger than the software version. Here are the results.

Number of CPU cycles running application in software:1695192771
Number of CPU cycles running application in hardware: 236243361369
Speed up: 0.00717562

Can anyone help with this issue?



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