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Registered: ‎06-20-2019

xfopencv crop application with RGB configuration conflicts with axi bitwidth



I am trying to use crop function of the xfopencv. I configured the application by setting the GRAY to 1. By this means, application is giving me grayed_out output. It works fine. However, when I set it to 0, (by this way, it is configured to RGB), I am having an error related to the axi bitwidth. The error is as following:

ERROR: [XFORM 203-801] Bitwidth of (packed) data on axi master must be power of 2: Found '' (/home/yahya/Desktop/sdsoc_wsp/ptz_app_zoom6/Release/_sds/vhls/w2_xf_crop.cpp:35:1) (packed) has a bitwidth of 24.

The error is logical, rgb is 24bits and axi bus must be power of 2. However, I couldn't really understand how to workaround. Would any pragma help? I cannot do padding and setting 24bits to 32 because at that time my image will not be cropped properly by the hw function, i guess.

Thanks for any help.

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