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Registered: ‎06-17-2015

Autoscale in waveform view does not scale down

Since, again, this follow-up question in another thread has not been answered, I will post it as a new thread here.


The autoscaling in the waveform viewer does not seem to be working as one expects.

When I switch to analog view the first time, it scales fine to the actual range of the signal.

Once the signal exceeds the scale, it will rescale. But if the signal is within a smaller interval again after retriggering, it will not scale back.

Hence, the autoscale seems to work only in one direction.

I tried

1) switching back to digital and then analog again - no rescaling

2) Analog setting, toggle between auto and fixed - no rescaling

3) trigger the signal again - no rescaling

The only thing that helps is to restart the software, or to remove and add the probes again (which is very annoying, if one considers my other question here...   Probes in Waveform View added twice


How can this be solved?


Best regards


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Registered: ‎09-05-2018

I found this post in searching for a solution to this exact problem.  The original post is almost 4 years old.  I guess this issue still has not been fixed in Vivado's waveform viewer?!  I am using 2018.2.

I tried manually setting the analog Y-range to see if that would help.  It did not.  Furthermore, the windows where the max/min values are entered are very narrow and don't show what values you enter.

Is there a plan to fix these scaling issues with the analog waveform viewer?  The analog display mode is very useful, but much less so with this deficiency in the scaling.

Registered: ‎03-25-2013

I too have been plagued with this issue in the Vivado simulator since Vivado was introduced over 5 years ago in analog waveform view.. You can be looking for a spike or burst in a very small signal, once it arrives it is scaled down and nothing about the signal is viewable. I would think you could go to manual settings to adjust it and keep the scaling fixed, but fixed scaling appears to be broken. I cannot enter any values in the narrow min/max window and there is no effect on the waveform. It makes the simulator useless in certain situations, once the waveform scales down there is no coming back. Also the waveforms dissappear entirely sometimes and you have to scroll up to bring them back. Very annoying. Xilinx doesn't care obviously after 5 years of this, they must consider it a finished product.

Registered: ‎07-09-2009

Yep its another of the almost unlimited number of half baked bits of the simulator in vivado,

Its unfortunate that xilinx are now using multiple languages for their IP and unisiim as its forcing us away from using simulators sigh as ghdl,

The only other option is the commercial vendors, and their tools are made more expensive by us now having to purchase multiple language options, not just VHDL as we used to be able to do,

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