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ChipScope Analyzer 14.4 Cable Problem

I see the following when I try to connect with my Platform USB II cable to a Virtex-6 SX475 from a 64-bit Windows 7 PC:


INFO: Started Chipscope host (localhost:50001)

INFO: Successfully opened connection to server: localhost:50001 (localhost/


ERROR: Cable not found, ESN:0000116FB3C701


INFO: Trying to open Xilinx Platform USB Cable on port USB2

INFO: No supported devices found in JTAG Chain

INFO: Successfully opened Xilinx Platform USB Cable

INFO: Cable: Platform Cable USB II, Port: USB21, Speed: 3MHz


WARNING: Closing cable due to unknown JTAG Chain Device IR Length


I also get a pop-up dialog with 4 devices with nonsensical values listed for the IR chain and device IDs.


Should I be looking for a PC side or hardware side issue? 


I didn’t see anything after a quick search for the error message.  I’d initially guess hardware, but the error message makes me skeptical that I can believe anything afterwards.




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Registered: ‎07-03-2013

Re: ChipScope Analyzer 14.4 Cable Problem

I'd check the ref voltage to the USB II connector first and any board jumpers for the JTAG chain.


Then if that all looks good, reduce the TCK frequency in chipscope/impact to a low setting (e.g. 100Khz) to see if that makes the connection reliable.  If so, you have a signal integrity issue on the JTAG Chain (quite common).

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