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Registered: ‎09-16-2009

Chipscope and Vivado ILA don't get along

Just a warning out there for anyone supporting both ISE, and Vivado designs.


We've got systems with both Virtex 6 (ISE) and Kintex class devices.  During a recent debug session on the Virtex 6 device, we were using chipscope and seeing some very unusual data captured by chipscope.  It had us puzzled for a few days.


Turns out, Chipscope and Vivado don't get along AT ALL. If you have a Vivado Session open, and are running chipscope in another window - your data captured by Chipscope will be corrupted.  I.e. the waveform's captured, listing etc, will all contain invalid data.  It appears chipscope's able to succesfully setup, and start triggers - but capturing data is not reliable.  And the failure is subtle - nothing appears to be wrong - chipscope will just capture invalid data.


So - be sure to close any Vivado sessions when running chipscope.





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