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Registered: ‎12-15-2009

Data2MEM 11.4 does not accept simple .bmm file (but Data2MEM 11.1 does)

We are using the .bmm flow for defining and generating memory content since ISE 9.2. Recently, after updating our tools to ISE 11.4, the process fails with

>Processing BMM file ...

>ERROR:Data2MEM:35 - Duplicate instance name usage in address space 'rom15'.
>               top/rom15 [1:0] INPUT = rom15.mem;
>                                                         ^

>ERROR:NgdBuild:989 - Failed to process BMM information test.bmm



The 'offending' line 35 in the .bmm file does not exist. The only line for rom15 is

>top/rom15 [31:30] OUTPUT = rom15.mem;


 Revision 11.1 of the ISE tool chain accepts the .bmm file without problems.

What changed between 11.1 and 11.4 ? BMM Syntax? How can we work around the problem?


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