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Registered: ‎01-11-2014

Error Power-1653



I am using XPower Analyzer version 14.2 to generate power report for my design. I generated the design, synthesized and simulated it using iSim. Also in iSim, I generated VCD file using iSim. Then put .ncd of top level design, constraints file and vdc file generated into XPower Analyzer. The analyzer gave following error.


ERROR:Power:1653 - Duty cycle <-2147483648.00> must be in range [0..100]% for fpga_0_DDR3_SDRAM_DDR3_Clk_pin.


As opposed to other posts on the topic, I am using DDR in my design as cache memory. 


The report is generated at the end, but I feel, as the vcd file is optional, the analyzer just ignores it due to errors and calculates the power which will only be the estimate as it does not have value change data.


How can I solve this error? 


Attaching the console output of XPA for reference.

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Registered: ‎08-24-2008

Try generating SAIF file using Isim and using it in Xpower Analyzer instead of VCD file. You may not get this error any more.

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