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Registered: ‎04-19-2016

HDMI2.0 is not seen in the physical interfaces section in the Power Estimator tool

Hello ,


About the power estimation tool ; 


*I am planning to use a HDMI2.0 with GTX transceivers in Zynq - 7000. I try to estimate power consumption. But there is no HDMI choice in the Physical Interfaces section. Or which physical interface should I select for HDMI2.0 implementation in this application note: ( In this app note, three GTX transceivers are used for HDMI2.0 implementation. 


*Can I select DisplayPort for a more accurate estimation (I think that its physical layer is similar to HDMI2.0)  ?


*For GTX, 'width' means a 'Lane'  ? i.e  : I want o use one x5 PCIe 2.0 (5 lane PCIe). I want to use one x3 HDMI2.0 ( 3 Lane HDMI2.0) . Did I enter these requirements correctly in below power estimator physical interface section? 


Best Regards,

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