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Registered: ‎05-25-2016

Help with cross trigger PL/PS petalinux in Ubuntu


I am trying to get cross triggering working with Petalinux 2019.1. I have a working image and basic hello world C program writtend in the SDK.  I am donig all of this development on an Ubuntu linux machine.  Everything is working fine except for the PL/PS cross triggering.

I noticed all the tutorials I found say to set cross triggering option in the debug configuration in the sdk, but I don't have this option.  See 137 attached screenshot.


How do you configure this in 2019.1?  I can see the ILA running waiting for a trigger in vivado and when I run my application with or without breakpoints nothing ever happens.


So I guess my questions are:

1. Where in sdk 2019.1 do you configure the cross triggering options for the linux installation?

2. Vivado synthesis shows the "TRIG_IN_trig" signal port in the ILA block connected to the zynq FTMT_P2F_TRIG_) port.  Is this correct?  See screenshots 138 and 139.

3. Should I be able to use trig_in only as shown in screenshot 140 to receive a trigger from the zynq PS?

4.  I"m trying to just look at the axi bus for a GPIO IP block (standard xilinx IP) as shown in screenshot 141.  I've right clicked and marked those signals as debug signals and as you can see from the ILA screenshot they show up.  I don't see a trigger signal for the ILA anywhere in the signal list for the hardware manager/ILA view.  Is this all I have to do?  I saw some tutorials and a xilinx video where the guy opened the synthesized design after marking a bus as debug in the BD and going through the "setup debug" menu.  It seems as though in 2019.1 this is uncecessary.  

5. Why don't I see the ILA trig in, trig out, trig ack etc...signals in my ILA signal list?


Thanks for any help!

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