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Registered: ‎02-22-2008

How do I take a Vivado project and create a non-project command line build

I have created a Vivado project that consists of an IPI BD design and a few constraints. I would like to convert this into stand-alone command line build system. 

Initially it looked like I can just select File->Project->Write TCL and then select "Copy sources to new project" and "Recreate Block Designs using Tcl". But it doesn't work. Looking through the TCL code, it tries to reference files from the original project. The "Copy source to new project" seems like it should do just that. But it only references the sources in the original project. 

I did this years ago for a simple logic only design. So a build server simply had to call:


After some time we had a bitstream that had been rebuild from the VCS repos. This seems like something that should be supported with Vivado. Do I need to hand craft a TCL script that manually re-creates the entire project? That must be an "easy" way to do this.

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Registered: ‎02-09-2017

Hi @nlbutts,


I believe you might need to use the command write_project_tcl. From the command description:

The generated script will contain the Tcl commands for creating the project, setting the project type, creating filesets, adding/importing source files, defining runs and run properties.

If you happen to be sourcing any file, it will still try to look for it in the old directory, but in your design it looks like it's simple enough that it can all be done with tcl commands.

Please take a look at the document TCL Command Reference Guide - UG835, pg. 1796.


Andre Guerrero

Product Applications Engineer

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