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Registered: ‎11-02-2015

ILA multiple trigger marks in window

Hi all,
I am using Vivado 2015.4. When I ran ila, I got the following errors no matter what trigger signal I used:
ERROR: [Xicom 50-38] xicom: Multiple trigger marks in window: 0, buffer index: 1.
ERROR: [Xicom 50-41] Waveform data read from ILA core is corrupted (user chain=1, slave index=1).
1) Ensure that the clock signal connected to the debug core and/or debug hub is clean and free-running.
2) Ensure that the clock connected to the debug core and/or debug hub meets all timing constraints.
3) Ensure that the clock connected to debug core and/or debug hub is faster than the JTAG clock frequency.
ERROR: [Xicom 50-38] xicom: Error during interpreting trace readback data
ERROR: [Labtools 27-3176] hw_server failed during internal command.
Resolution: Check that the hw_server is running and the hardware connectivity to the target
There are no timing constraints reported in my design, and the JTAG clock frequency is slower than my ila clock. Also, the ila clock is output from PLL so I think it's free-running.
Thanks a lot for any help!
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Registered: ‎04-05-2016

When the error says "Free running" it means un-gated.  Are you sure that the PLL is outputting the clock?  Could it be held in reset?  Often axi resets are asserted low, and the PLL's reset may be asserted high.  An easy check is to pipe the clock you are using on the ILA out a pin, and check with a scope.  Also, check your post-synth schematic and ensure the clock is actually connected to something, and not gated in a way you do not expect.

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