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Registered: ‎04-23-2013

Is programming xcr3256x1 CPLD using parallel port in window7 64bit still possible?

Hi all,


I am newbie in programming CPLD. Recently I have a project to test a board with chip xcr3256x1.

Part of the test is to program the timing into the CPLD.

I have check on 3 PC, 2 XP machine 32bit work very good. Just install the webpack and then the impact can detect the board automatically by the batch file I wrote.

But when I test in win7 64bit.

(In manual testing. iMPACT keep showing


Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).

Checking cable driver.

Your driver installation is not complete. Please rerun iMPACT

as an administrator to complete the driver installation.

Cable connection failed......etc)


When I run it as administrator I got this...


Connecting to cable (Parallel Port - LPT1).

Checking cable driver.

Installing WinDriver6...

Installing WinDriver6...


Cable connection failed.....etc



I just want to know is xilinx still support parallel port programming in window 7?

or because of 64bits problem?


I have tried xilinx ISE 6.2i work on xp,

xilinx ISE 6.2i, 14.4 doesn't work on window 7 64bits.


I will try to provide all information if needed to solve this problem.





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