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Registered: ‎05-13-2016

Launching Batch commands from TCL

I have automated my build process.  I have a TCL command file that does most of what I need, including calling some perl scripts.

I also have some batch files that I use to check my various bit, srec, mcs, bin, etc,, files into our SVN system.


I would like to streamline things, and have my TCL script call my batch files, but have had no luck.


I am running tcl from within the Vivado TCL console window


I have tried things like

exe test.bat

exe cmd test.bat

exe cmd.exe test.bat

exe cmd.exe /c test.bat




Whenever I issue the exe cmd or exe cmd.exe, the tcl console locks up.

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Did you try exec? 


exec test.bat



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Registered: ‎05-13-2016

it was the first in my list


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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-04-2013

'exec' vs. 'exe'

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Registered: ‎05-13-2016

Sorry.  Tried it. Doesn't work!

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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-04-2013

Hi Paul,


Sorry you are having trouble with this. The exec command should pass through your bat file to the OS, but it has difficulty with interactive commands that need user input. In this case, the bat file itself seems to wait for input at the beginning of execution, thus hanging up the script. For instance, the following works fine:


exec test.bat


Where the contents of test.bat are:

echo "This should work."
date /T
time /T


However, if you remove the /T from either date or time, the bat file waits for input at the start, even though the input is not required until later in the script. I don't know what your are trying to do with your bat files or scripts, so I don't know if this is your issue. Sorry I can't be of more help.


Best regards,

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Registered: ‎05-13-2016

Here is my bat file - maybe its the pause,  I will try with the /T when I get back to it....


cd C:/CrewNet_Builds/RT/Programming_files

SET Build=0c000006

svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E8/RT_FPGA_MANUFACTURING_%Build%.mcs -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"
svn remove  http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Removing file"


svn import %cd%\D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D6/D6_RT_BL0_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E6/E6_RT_BL1_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D7/D7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E7/E7_RT_APP_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D8/D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D8/D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D8/D8_RT_BL0_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E8/E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E8/E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E8/E8_RT_BL1_APP_%Build%.mcs -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\D9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/D9/D9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1000/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1001/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"
svn import %cd%\E9_RT_Info_packet_%Build%.bin http://ccsvn/X-System/XBinFiles/1002/E9/E9_RT_Info_Packet_%Build%.bin -m "Adding file"


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Registered: ‎05-13-2016

Sorry, didn't work.



I tried a simple test.bat command whose contents are simply pause


pause /T


Vivado hangs, and a command window does not open and pause.



I have pause statements in my batch files so that I can view the output from my other commands.


I suppose I can try piping the output to files.....if I can remember how...



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