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Registered: ‎05-08-2012

PROM FILE FORMATTER address mismatch


I would like to see if anyone has an idea of why I am having the following problem. I am trying to store some user data in a XCF128X Flash memory mounted on the ML605 board. Searching in different forums I have managed to program it successfully with exception of one thing. The start and end address of my user data on the PROM FILE FORMATTER GUI  doesn't match the amount of information I am putting in the .mem file.

The memory is a 128Mb Memory with 15 blocks of 64k words with 16bit on each word.

Based on the data2mem guide and a previous post I have tried two different formats for the .mem file on the PROM formatter:


@000000 2F5A 2D6E 6451...



2F5A 2D6E 6451...

Selected options in the wizard:
BPI FLASH:Configure Single FPGA
Target FPGA Virtex 6, 128Mb memory.
Selected format MCS and data width x16

I set up a mem file with a complete block of data (64k, 16 bit words) and put it at address 480000.
The problem is that every time the end address of the data (.mem) file is wrong.

When I use the a whole block i get a start/end address of 480000 / 4A8001 instead of 48FFFF.

When I use just one word like so:



I am getting 480000 / 480005 instead of 480001

Does anyone have an idea of why is this happening? Am I using the format wrong? Should I keep on  using the iMPACT tool or is it better to switch to the promgen tool? Am I misisn any headers on the .mem file?

Thanks for any help.


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