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Visitor frosteyes
Registered: ‎11-16-2009

Spartan3an + impact + problems in using flash for configuration data.


I have a Spartan3an board with the XC3S1400AN FPGA. It has an build in flash in 16 sectors, from address 0x000000 to 0x3FFC00. The first 4 sectors is of cause used for the bitstream to configure the FPGA. (The flash is usually setup for first and second bitstream and a small amount of user data space until sector 10).

I will use the user space sectors for configuration data. So I try to use Impact to generate a PROM file. I can nicely select spartan3an as storage target, the model as storage device and so on.

In the last part I say yes to “Add Non-Configuration Data Files”

The Impact window shows the flash setup nicely, and I can pick a bit file for the FPGA configuration and files for configuration data. The problem is, if I select an flash address higher then 0x20000 the following errors is recived.

ERROR:Bitstream:25 X bytes loaded up from <addr> would exceed promsize 0x200000.
ERROR:Bitstream:24 - Load address <addr> is above the maximum load address of 0x1fffff.

Where is the promsize / maximum load address defined?
Is there som other way to generate a file for the flash, which contains the bit file and the
configuration data in the flash?

Thanks ahead

Just as info. I use Xilinx
11.4 on a linux 64 platform.
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