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Registered: ‎10-23-2007

Startup Trigger Run Mode HOWTO? (Chipscope)

Hi Folks, 


i've a question on this startup trigger mode with Chipscope.

This seems to be a new feature(13.1) and came really on time as we need  such a feature in our test env.

We need to catch a trigger event that happens very soon after startup so that one has no time manually to arm the ILA core with Analyzer tool.


Now in the Userguide, it says: 


"After you re-implement your design and create a new BIT file, configure the device with this BIT file using the Analyzer tool." (Pg. 94 in Chipscope User Guide)


Now the question:


After having the new bit file is it a "MUST" to configure the FPGA with Analyzer Software so that this feature works?


We configure the FPGA over SPI with external Processor normally.





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Re: Startup Trigger Run Mode HOWTO? (Chipscope)

Hmm...It might work without using Analyzer to configure the part. The bit file that has the startup trigger implemented in the design should be self contained and not require any feedback from analyzer in order to trigger after startup. I don't think I can guarentee that it will work though as I haven't tried this myself.

Good luck!
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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎08-01-2007

Re: Startup Trigger Run Mode HOWTO? (Chipscope)

Yes it will work.


Actually, via my experiments, after setting Trigger Run Mode = Startup and begin to trigger, FPGA should not be configured in ChipScope. Otherwise, CS Analyzer will indicate "waiting for core to be armed", and trigger will not be captured anymore.


The flow works for me either:

1. Program bit to Flash, Let CS Startup Mode begin to trig, then Flash configurate FPGA

2. Setup CS to start trig first and then program FPGA with iMPACT

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