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Registered: ‎02-15-2018

Using GPIO to trigger ILA with Smartlynq

In UG1258 it mentions using the GPIO on Smartlynq to trigger a  scope and using the scope to trigger an ILA. After looking at the methods provided, I am still confused about how this should work.

It appears that the only way to set a gpio pin is to use update_hw_gpio. So this means that the trigger out to the scope needs to originate from a console command or something triggering a console command. Is that correct?

Conversely, it appears that the only way to read GPIO input is to use the console command. This seems to imply that there is no way to directly trigger an ila based on this input. It seems that the only way to trigger based on this input is to write a script that polls the gpio and trigger immediately when it sees the input change. Is that correct? This would add significant variable delay to the trigger and make it almost unusable it seems. Is this is the suggested method are there example scripts that show how to do this?


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