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Newbie ka367
Registered: ‎12-01-2014

Using hls::HoughLines2 and its parameters




I am trying to use openCV interface function hls::HoughLines2. I'm trying to get an output image. The output from Houghlines2 is being sent to hls::Mat2AXIvideo( lines, output    for RGB to AXI stream. This is the error I get when I compile. I'm guessing lines is of polar type. Is it necessary to convert to Mat before I send it to AXIVideo stream. 


error: no matching function for call to ‘Mat2AXIvideo(hls::Polar_<int, int> [10], AXI_STREAM&)’


Below is the code in my top.cpp module.



hls::AXIvideo2Mat( input, src );
// Grayscaling
hls::CvtColor<HLS_RGB2GRAY>( src, src_bw );
// Gaussian Blur Noise Reduction
hls::GaussianBlur<5,5>( src_bw, src_blur, 1.4, 1.4 );
// Duplicate the streams
hls::Duplicate( src_blur, src1, src2 );
// Calculate gradients in x and y direction using Sobel filter
hls::Sobel<1,0,3>( src1, sobel_gx );
hls::Sobel<0,1,3>( src2, sobel_gy );
// Calculate gradient magnitude and direction
gradient_decomposition( sobel_gx, sobel_gy, grad_gd );
// Perform non-maximum suppression for edge thinning
nonmax_suppression( grad_gd, suppressed );
// Perform hysteresis thresholding for edge tracing
hysteresis( suppressed, canny_edges, 30, 90 );

hls::Duplicate( canny_edges, op1, op2 );
hls::Polar_<int,int> lines[10];
hls::HoughLinesStandard<3,3>(op2, lines, 1000);

hls::Mat2AXIvideo(lines, output );





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