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Registered: ‎07-01-2009

Vivado debug with ILA, fail to use indexed bus

I wonder how to use ILA with indexed signals. When entering signals of ILA to Waveform all looks fine: Adding probes to waveformAdding probes to waveformAfter adding, all indexed signals are flattened to [0]After adding, all indexed signals are flattened to [0]

Once added to Waveform, all indexes of busses with same name are flattened to [0], I’ve not found way how to enter it with right index. This error seems to be so fundamental, I wonder I can not find it in forum.

Problem is that flattened index to [0] is not just viewer issue, also sampled data are evidently from real singal [0]. Technically it is not possible debug bused which after synthesis is not recognized as a bus, but has this split format.

Simple question, how to make it working right, since this is barely usable, comparing it with legacy ChipScope this is real fail.



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