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Registered: ‎07-22-2013

Vivado rocks

I just have to take a few minutes to tell you all at Xilinx that Vivado rocks!  I've been using it for a week since I got my KC705 development board, and it has really impressed me.  I've been using PlanAhead in ISE for a while because I think it is a much nicer environment than Project Navigator, so I pretty much knew what Vivado was going to be like.  But Vivado is so much better!


The first time I went to program the Kintex-7 on the KC705, I opened a "Hardware Session."  I expected the worst because  my experience is that programming a new chip never works on the first try.  It asked me to connect to a Vivado CSE Server.  Huh, what's that?  But it offered localhost:something as the default, so I went with it.  And it just worked!  It didn't complain that the CSE Server wasn't running or anything.  It didn't say that it couldn't find the Digilent plug-in or that I'd specified the wrong cable driver.  It just did the right thing, found the Kintex-7, and opened the Hardware Session pane.  And there was a link right at the top to program it!  It already knew the correct bit file to use and just did it.  Perfect!


And now ISim is built right in, so I don't have to leave one tool and open another, and I can use all the awesome window-management features that Vivado has.  I can just double-click the waveform tab to expand it to full screen, then double-click again to shrink it and see the other panels, *or* I can just leave it maximized and expand the other panels when I need them, *or* I can tear the waveform window off and put it on a second monitor.  It's really easy to set up the UI exactly the way I want it.


I'll have to take you word for it that the synthesis and implementation is faster.  I haven't used it on a big design yet.  But I can tell that the whole process seems more tightly integrated vs. PlanAhead, where I was always aware that it was running a collection of different tools, each with its own command-line parameters and quirks.


The only thing missing:  Spartan-6 support!  How about it?  Then I could say goodbye to the old tools forever.




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Xilinx Employee
Xilinx Employee
Registered: ‎01-16-2013

Re: Vivado rocks



Thanks for sharing your perception about Vivado tools. Xilinx really appreciate your feedback.

Additionally, your concern on spartan-6 support is true but I believe you may be aware that Vivado is supposed to work for 7 series or later xilinx devices.


Please feel free to share your experiences.





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