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Registered: ‎01-11-2019

Why use export_simulation?

UG900:  If you want to run simulation outside Vivado IDE, use export_simulation in place of launch_simulation -scripts_only to generate scripts file.

UG900:  IMPORTANT: You must have output products generated for all IP and BD that are used in the top-level design. The export_simulation command will not generate output products for IP and BD if they do not exist. Instead it will return an error and exit.

UG900:  While export_ip_user_files is run automatically when working with the Export Simulation dialog box, you must be sure to run it manually before running the export_simulation command.

I have a design, which contains numerous IPs and a block diagram, that I want to simulate with Questa outside of Vivado.  I am trying to use export_simulation as recommended above.  Unfortunately, the only way I am able to generate the output products is to run launch_simulation -scripts first.  If I don't do this, export_simulation does run but the generated scripts cannot be used because insufficient code is exported.   Export_ip_user_files doesn't seem to do much at all.

So my question is: how shouldexport_simulation be used?  It doesn't seem very useful.  Why is it recommended over launch_simulation -scripts?  Moreover, the generated scripts,, and cannot be used alone.  They need to be called from

For information, what I am currently doing is as follows, but there must be a better way to do it:

launch_simulation -scripts_only -install_path /media/ian/Toshiba/Questa/2019.4/questasim/bin

export_ip_user_files -no_script -force

export_simulation -force -of_objects [get_filesets sim_1] -lib_map_path "/media/ian/Toshiba/Vivado/2019.2/xilinx_ibs" -export_source_files -directory "/home/ian/work/Platform/sandbox" -simulator questa -ip_user_files_dir "/home/ian/work/Platform/sandbox/platform.ip_user_files" -ipstatic_source_dir "/home/ian/work/Platform/sandbox/platform.ip_user_files/ipstatic" -use_ip_compiled_libs

If I then do the following, everything compiles and runs correctly:

cd ./sandbox/questa; \

./ -lib_map_path /media/ian/Toshiba/Vivado/2019.2/xilinx_ibs

I am using Vivado 2019.2

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