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Registered: ‎07-05-2011

XPower Analyzer ignores VCD file



I'm trying to estimate power for a small Spartan6 design (with PlanAhead from ISE suite 14.7).

I've made a .vcd file with ISim, I can see all the necessary signals logged in it with a text editor.

But when I try to give this file to XPA I see no evidence that it used the file at all - all the signal rates in 'Details' are blue, meaning that the rates aren't imported from a file, but 'estimated'.


My thought is that the problem is connected with hierarchy somehow.


I've wrote a module named 'root' that's an FPGA design, and 'root_tb' testbench with a root instance called 'dut'.

So. in .vcd file I see the lines

$scope module root_tb $end
$scope module dut $end

 But in XPA in Details >> By Hierarchy the top module is called root_routed.

May be this is the problem, but I still can't make it work.


I've tried to replace the two lines in .vcd file with

$scope module root_routed $end

also I didn't forget to delete the corresponding

$upscope $end


And some more variants... But still all the rates are estimated, not imported.


What am I doing wrong? How is this supposed to be done correctly? Is the problem really in hierarchy? If yes, what hierarchy does XPA expect?

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Registered: ‎07-05-2011

Did anyone use  XPower analyzer with vcd files? Is it usable in such a way at all?

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