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Registered: ‎08-12-2011

Xilinx Xpower Analyzer: Expected scope definition in VCD

I use a VCD file to evaluate the power of my design. The VCD is generated using the following command in the testbench file.


  $dumpfile ("testb.vcd");
  $dumpvars (0, tb.gcm_tb);


tb is the module name of the testbench. gcm_tb is the instantiated name of my design.

Xpower (version 10.1) gives me the following error:


ERROR:Power:976 - Parsing Error parse error line 7825 Expected scope definition here 


I notice that if I change the parameter into


$dumpvars (1, tb.gcm_tb);


Then it does not give me the error. However, my design have several levels. Recording the power of only one level is not accurate.


How to solve this problem?


Thank you!


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