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Registered: ‎02-07-2011

error to generate xpower summary


i have a design composed of two processor. The BRAM of each processsor is initialized with an elf file.

I launched the simulation on ISIM and i generate the vcd file.

When i open the design in xpower (.ncd and .vcd) , the design begin to be loaded and then i obtain 2 warning and an error


Warning : Power : 163-Power vcd_dump : declaration of variable 'clk' ignored, identifier code 'yzE' is already in use by "clk_125_000mhzpll0'!


Warning : Power : 164-Power vcd_dump : Subsequent redeclaration of this or other identifiers code will be igored without  comment

Error : power: 1966 scope with no correspondin $upscope Error: power : 85 -Error reading vcd file , no simulation will be applied

Have anyone the same problem ?


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