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Registered: ‎03-06-2014

ibert sweep issue

I have a question,my chipscope edition 14.7. I want to find a optimal settings,however,I use sweep test,it seems doesn't work as my supposedly my settings is right?  

Besides,when I settings post-cursor range from 0.0dB to 3.10dB.However,these plots ,the 2D full eye diagrams show in the test result, are similar ,I can't pick out the optimal settings parameter. And , when I change one of four modes in a transceiver's loopback mode, the ibert ratio seems is better than when I choose "None" in loopback settings. I'm confused. I met a problem ,when I chose post-cursor 6.02dB in MGT/BERT Settings TAB,and the sweep result is more better than before I choose default settings.

Can the sweep test do to  find out the optimal setting parameter?

Does some guys give me suggestion? Thanks for any help in advance.


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Registered: ‎02-16-2010

When you do the sweep test, you will find the BER and bit errors with the each of the settings being used during the test.

You should try the settings which resulted in "0" bit errors during the test. Keep the test running for some time to confirm the settings are optimal for your hardware. If you find bit errors after some time, try the second option from the sweep result which showed "0" bit errors and hence forth....
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