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Teacher eteam00
Registered: ‎07-21-2009

switching between SPI and BPI config memory in iMPACT -- a bug complaint

If you configure the BITGEN properties for SPI bus width = 4 (or any value other than 1), iMPACT will not generate a .MCS file for a BPI mode configuration.


I learned this the hard way using an SP601 board with both SPIx4 and BPI flash memory.  Once I set BITGEN to generate a .bit file for a x4 SPI flash memory, iMPACT would not consider programming the BPI flash memory, no matter what I did.


Note that there is no BPI target option in BITGEN.  If you want to target a BPI config memory, the SPI bus width must be set to 1 in BITGEN.


I consider this a bug in iMPACT.


-- Bob Elkind

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