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Interpretation of SYN 201-210 and RTGEN 206-101

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Interpretation of SYN 201-210 and RTGEN 206-101

Hi, dear HLS experts,


 In the HLS synthesis log, I have the following questions to consult with you.


Q1: For the following message, what's the meaning of length limit 20 since I don't know to to correlate with my HLS design ?


INFO: [SYN 201-210] Renamed object name 'esn_baseline_fptrunc_64ns_32_1' to 'esn_baseline_fptrbkb' due to the length limit 20



Q2: For the following message, I don't quite understand why HLS outputs such message in log since I think RTLGEN in HLS should take care of it. If it outputs such message, should HLS user pay any attention ? Or the HLS user can skip it with confidence.


WARNING: [RTGEN 206-101] RTL name 'esn_baseline_fcmpdEe' is changed to 'esn_baseline_fcmpdEe_x' due to conflict.




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Re: Interpretation of SYN 201-210 and RTGEN 206-101

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Hi @nanson,


To avoid the warning, please go to solution settings --> General --> select config_compile and select name_max_length = 100(by default it is set to 20 in Vivado HLS 2018.2).