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Observer ades
Registered: ‎03-28-2018

Skipping samples from ap_fifo input: best practices

Apologize for the newbie question.


Let's assume I have the following subfunction (invoked from the top module):

void skip_samples( 
    const uint16_t N, 
    const uint16_t M, 
    int32_t *in,
    volatile int32_t *out

where in is an ap_fifo and out is memory-mapped via a AXI master interface. 


The goal is the following:

  • Read N samples from in, and write them contiguously on out
  • Skip M samples from in
  • Read another burst of N samples from in, and append them to out (after the first N)

So, in summary, we need to read N+M+N from in, and write only N+N to out. I understand that out could easily be an ap_fifo as well, but due to the top-level design, it must be AXI-Master memory-mapped.


I seem to have troubles with the "skipping" part. I tried two different design, one based upon for loops, another via memcpy( ), and both hang the board (testbenches work well). On the other hand, interestingly, if I do some sort of explicit processing of the M samples to be skipped (for example, computing a checksum), the module works well. What am I missing?


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Registered: ‎08-31-2017

Re: Skipping samples from ap_fifo input: best practices


My two cents in your question in ap_fifo input :

- If the array is accessed in a sequential manner an  ap_fifo  interface can be used.

- So, I don't see how you skip M samples. Does it break the above rule of FIFO object in HLS ?




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