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Registered: ‎06-28-2008

hls linear algebra function-- qr_inverse---precision unacceptable

Hello ,everybody.

vivado 2015.4.1.


The testbench copied form example of vivado HLS--

    // Generate error ratio and compare against threshold value
    // - LAPACK error measurement method
    // - Threshold taken from LAPACK test functions
    int fail = 0;
    if ( difference_ratio<ROWS_COLS_A, ROWS_COLS_A>(Ir,I_ref) > 30.0 ) {
      fail = 1;
    return (singular||fail);




I used the hls linear algebra function-- qr_inverse in my design.

The data type is hls::x_complex<float>.

For some inputs such as random number, the function works well

with a almost perfect regenerated indentity matrix.

However ,for my practical inputs,

the function leads to a bad result.

Although the error radio is less than 30 and the simulation does not fail.

The regenerated Identity matrix looks bad with data such as 0.29..

which shoule be zero in ideal situation.

Then my subsequent algorithm fails to get the correct results.


What can I do to deal with the problem ??

I really need your help.


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Teacher muzaffer
Registered: ‎03-31-2012

Re: hls linear algebra function-- qr_inverse---precision unacceptable

it seems your matrix is ill-conditioned so it's ill-advised ;-) to invert it.
Depending on how badly conditioned your matrix is, you can remediate this problem but using larger precision or conditioning algorithms. Search for "matrix conditioning" or "Marquardt-Levenberg" algorithm or damped least squares.
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