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Visitor vilashini
Registered: ‎05-10-2019

Data Logging - Values are not changing

proc write_xadc {end_time} {
	#Set here the directory and file name
	set filename C:/Users/anunesgu/Desktop/XADC_dump.csv
	set fileId [open $filename "w"]
	set end 0
    while {$end < $end_time} {
        #the number 1000 indicates the loop will be run every second (1000 ms).
		#If you need a higher or lower frequency, adjust it.
		after 1000
		set systemTime [clock seconds]
		puts -nonewline $fileId [clock format $systemTime -format %H:%M:%S]
		puts -nonewline $fileId ","

		#this is the XADC properties that you want to have printed.
		#Add as many as you need.
		puts -nonewline $fileId [get_property VCCINT [get_hw_sysmons]]
		puts -nonewline $fileId ","
		puts -nonewline $fileId [get_property TEMPERATURE [get_hw_sysmons]]
		puts $fileId " "
		flush stdout
        incr end
	close $fileId
write_xadc 10

If suppose When i run the loop for 10 seconds, VCCINT and Temperature values are not changing. Please suggest me a solution
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