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Observer labbench1
Registered: ‎05-17-2017

Polyphase Filter Bank Channelizer (XAPP1161) Vivado Tcl file errors


I downloaded and unzipped the XAPP1161 distribution folder to my C: drive



Check the directory

Directory of C:\xapp1161

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> coefficients

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> golden_data

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> hdl

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> ip

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> ise

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> matlab

03/18/2013 01:38 PM 6,743 readme.txt

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> sysgen

05/18/2017 04:16 PM <DIR> vivado


Then I tried to build the project using the Tcl file.


At the Tcl console I first change directory to the location of the Tcl file.

Remember to flip the slashes to forward slashes!


cd C:/xapp1161/vivado


Then I enter the command to build the project:


source generate_vivado_project.tcl


ERROR: [Coretcl 2-1133] Requested IP 'xilinx.com:ip:fir_compiler:6.3' cannot be created. The latest available version in the catalog is 'xilinx.com:ip:fir_compiler:7.2'. If you do not wish to select a specific version please omit the version field from the command arguments, or use a wildcard in the VLNV.


I then edit the Tcl file to change the listed references from 6.3 to 7.2

I send a close_project command to the Tcl console

I run the source command again


source generate_vivado_project.tcl


# set_property -name CONFIG.component_name -value {tx_fir} -objects [get_ips tx_fir]

WARNING: [Vivado 12-3523] Attempt to change 'Component_Name' from 'tx_fir' to 'tx_fir' is not allowed and is ignored.

# set_property -name CONFIG.coefficientsource -value {COE_File} -objects [get_ips tx_fir]

ERROR: [IP_Flow 19-3460] Validation failed on parameter 'Coefficient File (Coefficient_File)' for Please select a COE file to be loaded.

. IP 'tx_fir'

INFO: [IP_Flow 19-3438] Customization errors found on 'tx_fir'. Restoring to previous valid configuration.

ERROR: [Common 17-39] 'set_property' failed due to earlier errors.


while executing

"rdi::set_property -name CONFIG.coefficientsource -value COE_File -objects tx_fir"

invoked from within

"set_property -name CONFIG.coefficientsource -value {COE_File} -objects [get_ips tx_fir]"

(file "generate_vivado_project.tcl" line 29)



Above where it says to enter a COE file to be loaded, how do I do that?

An example COE file is provided in the C:\xapp1161\coefficients folder


The filename is: channelizer_8.coe

The full path and filename is: C:\xapp1161\coefficients folder\channelizer_8.coe


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Newbie lparkjordan
Registered: ‎09-18-2018

Re: Polyphase Filter Bank Channelizer (XAPP1161) Vivado Tcl file errors

Ran into this same problem using Vivado 2016.4. I managed to fix it by setting both COE file properties simultaneously using set_property -dict (and also changing a couple other config values to options that are valid for newer versions). I've attached the fixed version that works for 2016.4 to this post.