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Visitor ayazar
Registered: ‎09-08-2017

TCL Script doesn't stop at connect_bd_net error (2018.1)



We are trying to create an example design given as TCL script and are not experienced in TCL. Script is written for 2014.x. We modify necessary IP core version numbers. We get error when IP version doesn't match with the recent core version as expected. For some cores (for example const), output pin name is changed since 2014, it is renamed from const to dout. Script connects const port of const core to other ports using connect_bd_net command. Although this port doesn't exist, Vivado doesn't give any error on information, just ignore the command and complete the script. When we look block design visually, we see that ports aren't connected.


We run script with source script.tcl command and our expectation is seeing an error message when something fails. However Vivado seems to be ignore the error. Note that there is no -quiet parameter.


How can we make sure that if there is an error we see a message? In this current situation, we can't make sure that every line in the script is executed properly or not.


As a side question, what is the proper way of printing return value of a function? Either connect_bd_net function returns success even if there should be an error or source command ignores this error. I want to print return value.





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