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Registered: ‎10-27-2018

problems with get_speed_model for pips and nodes

Hi all,


I tired to get the speed model of pips and nodes on tcl. it returns correctly the speed models associated with bels but for pips and nodes it doesn't return anything. it is  not an error. but it is an empty set it seems. can anyone help me with this? I am using vivado version 2020 and zynq 7 FPGA.

get_speed_models -of_objects [get_pips INT_R_X21Y64/INT_R.BYP_BOUNCE0->>IMUX4]

In addition for

report_property -all [lindex [get_speed_models -of_objects [get_pips INT_R_X21Y64/INT_R.BYP_BOUNCE0->>IMUX4]] 0]

tcl displays an error "ERROR: [Common 17-58] '' is not a valid first class Tcl object." what will be the problem? does this mean pips are not first class tcl objects?


thank you for your help!

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